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Danfoss JV targets supermarket control

GERMANY/DENMARK: Danfoss is planning a joint venture with German photovoltaic firm SMA, aimed at integrating cooling and refrigeration, photovoltaics, energy storage and e-mobility in supermarkets.

They intend to combine SMA Solar Technology’s energy management platform EnnexOS and the Danfoss System Manager SM800 to integrate supermarkets into the energy system. The companies say that supermarket operators can use the integrated solution developed by the planned joint venture to sustainably reduce their operating expenditure and optimise their carbon footprint.

Based on the EEBUS standard, EnnexOS from SMA Solar Technology provides optimum control by combining all of a system’s energy generators, consumers and storage systems. The Danfoss System Manager is designed specifically for food retail applications, offering full refrigeration control and monitoring.

Combining intelligent building technology and integrating renewable energy sources is seen as the key to success. The companies say that intelligently managing loads and integrating the overall system into the energy market will allow supermarkets to reduce their operating expenditure, optimise their carbon footprint and considerably improve their long-term competitiveness.

“Our expertise in photovoltaics, battery-storage systems and energy management is a complementary fit with Danfoss’ long-standing experience in cooling and refrigeration technology and its access to customers in the food retail segment,” said Dr-Ing Jürgen Reinert, board member for operations and technology of SMA Solar Technology AG.

“The food retail segment is both of strategic importance and a playing field for innovation,” said Danfoss Cooling president Jürgen Fischer. “Innovative products from cooling and heating technology combined with photovoltaics, energy storage and charging stations will be used in the supermarket of the future. Supermarkets will not only provide fresh goods, but also transform the utility grid, which will become more reliable, greener and more flexible.”

SMA’s newly founded subsidiary, Coneva GmbH, will cooperate with Danfoss Cooling to design a service offering tailored to the individual requirements of the food retail segment. “The SMA energy management platform EnnexOS is an ideal tool for optimising the energy consumption of retailers using parameters like the current electricity prices, outside temperature, solar irradiation and temporary grid requirements,” explained Jochen Schneider, general manager of Coneva GmbH.

“Surplus self-generated electricity can either be sold directly or stored in electric and thermal storage systems. The integration into the energy market also allows us to secure the supply of cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy. In addition, we can integrate charging stations.”

The joint venture will be headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and the first pilot project is expected to begin shortly.

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