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Danfoss partners UN on sustainable energy

Rachel Kyte, CEO of SEforALL, and Jürgen Fischer, president of Danfoss Cooling, agree the partnership during a ceremony at the SEforALL Forum in Lisbon at the beginning of this month

DENMARK: Danfoss has been named as a delivery partner of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) initiative seeking universal access to sustainable energy.

Danfoss is actively raising awareness of the benefits of energy-efficient solutions and the energy saving potential of existing best-in-class cooling technology as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7. SDG7 aims to ensure universal access to modern energy services, improve efficiency, and increase the use of renewable sources.

SEforALL is a global non-profit organization that brings together leaders from governments, the private sector, and civil society to discuss how to achieve universal access to sustainable energy under SDG7 and make it a reality by 2030. As a partner, Danfoss will support activities concerning energy efficiency, district energy systems, cooling technology, and building efficiency. 

District energy

The Danish manufacturer has been working closely with SEforALL for the past three years. Last year, Danfoss Cooling president Jürgen Fischer was invited to join the Cooling for All Global Panel.

Helping systems develop district energy systems is one area where Danfoss has been working with SEforALL. In 2016, the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation behind Danfoss funded three district energy experts to work in the city department of UNEP-DTU at the UN City for the implementation of the District Energy in Cities Initiative. 

Danfoss will continue to work closely with UN Environment and SEforALL on the District Energy Services (DES) Accelerator. The key focus is said to be the global adoption of efficient district heating and cooling services and scale up energy efficiency policy, action, and investment, as a way to meet SDG7’s call for doubling the global energy efficiency improvement rate.

“Companies like Danfoss can help the world see what success in meeting the SDGs would look like. At a time when there is much to excite us as we race to achieve SDG7 on sustainable energy, but as progress overall is still not at the necessary speed nor scale, partnerships between the private sector and governments and civil society are more needed than ever before,” said Rachel Kyte, CEO of SEforALL and special representative of the UN secretary-general for Sustainable Energy for All, commenting on the announcement. “As a SEforALL delivery partner, Danfoss is extending its leadership role within the movement dedicated to sustainable energy for all, and brings global reach and deep expertise to the effort to revolutionize energy efficiency.”

Jürgen Fischer described it as a natural step for Danfoss. “We are conscious that to succeed in doubling energy productivity and deliver on SDG7, we must work with cities and district energy. We have demonstrated that we can help our customers save on their energy bills and, at the same time, help the planet,” he said.

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