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Danfoss seeks CO2 neutrality by 2030

DENMARK: Danfoss intends to become CO2 neutral in all of its global operations at the latest by 2030. 

Seeing itself as a global provider of technology and solutions helping to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions all over the world, Danfoss says it has lowered its global energy intensity considerably within recent years.

Now, it says it is initiating additional activities to further reduce energy consumption and transition the remaining energy demand at all Danfoss operations towards renewable energy. This includes switching its company car fleet to become all electric latest by 2030. 

Danfoss is also joining the UN Global Compact’s campaign on “Business Ambition for 1.5°C – Our Only Future”, joining a number of leading companies aligning their businesses with the most ambitious aims of the Paris Agreement.

“Focusing on energy efficiency, sector coupling and electrification are the key steps to a sustainable future,” said Danfoss president and CEO Kim Fausing. “This is the very core of our business and the solutions we provide to our customers. Decarbonising our business, for example by using surplus energy from our process heat in production and data centres, are natural steps. Driving electrification and integrate renewable energy is how we take climate action and reach our targets. We are well under way and we will continue to move forward to showcase that green growth is indeed possible.”

“Sustainability is good business for our customers, for the planet and people. As a leading business, we prove that it is possible to deliver on ambitious climate targets – both by decarbonising our own business and by providing the solutions needed to decouple economic growth from energy consumption, reducing the energy needed in the first place,” Fausing added.

In 2016, Danfoss joined the EP100 initiative that targets to double the company’s energy productivity before 2030 from 2007 levels, and today Danfoss says it has already improved its energy productivity by 80%. Now, additional activities are initiated to further reduce the consumption of energy and ensure that all Danfoss operation transition towards renewable energy.

In December 2019, Danfoss signed up for RE100, the global initiative to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids, and EV100 commitment to accelerate transition to electric vehicles. 

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