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Danfoss stresses energy efficiency at COP26

Danfoss CEO Kim Fausing stresses the importance in a new video

DENMARK: Danfoss is encouraging decision makers at COP26 to prioritise energy efficiency as the most cost-effective way to achieve economic growth, decarbonise economies and meet climate targets.

Danfoss is participating at COP26 to meet with political leaders and NGOs, to help amplify the message that climate action is needed now. The campaign includes an extensive digital campaign as well as a wrap around the Financial Times newspaper with a main message to participants at the COP that the greenest energy is the energy we don’t use.

A digital campaign in over 25 countries has targeted decision makers and policy makers with a video from Danfoss CEO Kim Fausing on the role of energy efficiency improvements in the green transition and how technology available today can reduce costs of rolling out renewables, accelerate the green transition and create jobs.

Danfoss will also host a virtual COP26 side event on November 10 entitled Live from the green transition: Decarbonising buildings and their construction. This 90-minute webinar will stress the unique opportunity that economic recovery and new national infrastructure plans create for fast-tracking the green transition.

Martin Rossen, Danfoss’ senior vice president, group communications and sustainability, who is the former chief of staff to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, sees the current energy crisis as a potential eye opener for decision makers.

“It is imperative that decision makers at COP26 prioritise energy-efficiency. It is the most important single component in reaching the Paris goals, it is extremely cost effective, and it can boost economies and create jobs,” he said.

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