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Danfoss Turbocor is AHR winner

Turbocor-VTTUSA: The Danfoss’ Turbocor VTT compressor has been named as the AHR Expo Product of the Year at this week’s show in Chicago.

The new Danfoss VTT (Variable Twin Turbo) series compressor was chosen from among the top Innovation Award winners in 10 industry-related categories at the AHR Expo show, which ends its three-day run in Chicago later today.

The latest example of Turbocor’s pioneering oil-free, variable speed, magnetic bearing technology, the VTT (variable twin turbo) series extends Danfoss’ existing compressor capacity range up to 1230kW.

Running on R134a, the VTT incorporates Danfoss Turbocor’s IntraFlow technology which eliminates the cost and complexity of inlet guide vanes or variable geometry diffusers and, at the same time, is said to simplify the capacity control, extending the stable operating range and improving compressor efficiency.

The AHR Expo Awards were designed to recognise the most innovative and useful products among the thousands on display at the annual AHR Expo.

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