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Danfoss turns down the heat

DENMARK: Danfoss has instructed its companies across Europe to turn down the heat in its offices, factories, and warehouses to help lower energy demand.

With winter approaching and concerns over blackouts due to the current energy crisis, Danfoss has decided to make its contribution by lowering the temperature at locations across Europe in a range of 3ºC-4ºC. The locations include factories, warehouses, and offices in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Italy, and Germany. 

“Even though lowering the temperature at our sites won’t solve the energy crisis, we want to highlight to everyone the importance of using the scarce resources as efficiently as possible in the coming winter,” explained Danfoss North Europe regional president Kjell Strøm. “Many public sector buildings across Europe are turning down the heat, and we want to follow suit. This is a small action, but it could have a great impact if we all reduce energy demand.” 

Mindful of the health of its employees, the specific measures are agreed locally. In Denmark, for example, Danfoss is aiming for heating to 18ºC in its factories and warehouses, and 20ºC in the offices.

Danfoss has calculated that lowering the temperature in Denmark alone will save the equivalent of heating up to 100 households. “The figure will naturally be larger when you include all our locations across Northern Europe,” Kjell Strøm claimed. “Long term, we have to start using energy more efficiently.”

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