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Display cases adopt magnetic refrigeration


USA: Michigan-based display case maker Structural Concepts is to adopt magnetocaloric refrigeration technology under a deal with French magnetic fridge company Cooltech.

The partnership will see the integration of Cooltech’s magnetic refrigeration system (MRS) into some of Structural Concepts’ self-contained display cases. Both companies exhibited their products to major food retail chains at this month’s FMI Connect show in Chicago.

Dave Geerts, president of Structural Concepts, which describes itself as a leader in energy efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigerated food display cases, said: “Our company is thrilled to announce our partnership with Cooltech as our next major investment in disruptive technology. Our partnership with Cooltech and their MRS technology will give us the unprecedented opportunity to be on the leading edge of a refrigeration revolution.”

“After successful product integrations in Europe, we are delighted to introduce the technology in the USA,” said Christian Muller, president of Cooltech. “Due to new and stricter regulations and the perpetual quest for reducing the energy bill, we are convinced magnetic cooling can disrupt the refrigeration and air conditioning markets and become a true green alternative to vapour compression refrigeration.”

The MRS is in beta testing at several sites in Europe in various configurations and is presently available to OEMs for integration. An MRS version generating high cooling power – 20kW and over — is under development.

Top photo: Christian Muller,  founder, CEO and chief scientist officer of Cooltech (left) with Structural Concepts president Dave Geerts at the recent FMI Connect show

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