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Dorin recommends R449A

Dorin-compressorITALY: Dorin has added R449A to the list of refrigerants accepted for use with its compressors.

The lower GWP alternative is considered suitable as an alternative to systems currently using R404A or R507A.

Following the new European directives on use of refrigerants, the Italian manufacturer has focused its research and development on the study and evaluation of the performance of its compressors with several different alternative synthetic refrigerants.

These include R448A and R449A as alternative solutions to R404A and R507A, and R450A and R513A being looked at as alternatives to R134a.

R449A has a GWP of 1282 which, although not low GWP, is significantly lower than both R404A and R507A.

Dorin underlines that to maintain performance R449A’s temperature glide of around 5K must be taken into account when using the new refrigerant in existing systems. In MT applications Dorin says the refrigeration capacity is similar to that with R404A and R507A.

However, in LT applications the capacity could be slightly lower and Dorin therefore recommends that users consult its technical department before such applications.

Dorin also strongly suggests that the acidity of the POE oil is verified carefully on a six-monthly basis.

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