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EIA celebrates 35 years

The EIA founders, then and now: Allan Thornton, Jennifer Lonsdale and Dave Currey

UK: The original founders of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) joined campaigners, long-term supporters, friends and family in London last week to celebrate the environmental group’s 35th anniversary.

The main environmental group campaigning for controls on the use of synthetic refrigerants, the Environmental Investigation Agency was formed by Dave Currey, Jennifer Lonsdale and Allan Thornton.

The three founders came together for the first time in years for the special event on Wednesday (November 20) at the group’s headquarters in Islington, London.

Allan Thornton was one of the founders of Greenpeace UK. He began working with Jennifer Lonsdale and photographer Dave Currey in the early 1980s, forming the Environmental Investigation Agency in 1984.

The EIA took on the mantle of campaigning to eliminate ozone-depleting and global warming refrigerants from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth in the 1990s. It has also been effective in exposing the illicit refrigerant trade and illegal production of CFCs.

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