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Emerson announces next generation hermetics

USA: Emerson has announced the launch of higher efficiency fractional horse power hermetic compressors for low, medium and high temperature applications.

Designed for R134a and R404A as the primary refrigerants, Emerson is also qualifying these compressors for the A1 non -flammable lower GWP alternatives R448A, R449A, R450A, and R513A.

The new compressor platform will be the fifth generation A*E family indicated by the nomenclature A*E_C5E. Emerson is also launching the first generation of a new low pressure R134a refrigerant designated with the model number AFF_C1E. This platform has an extended MT application envelope. Emerson has also added a few displacements of the 4th generation A*E_C4E compressors to complete the product line up.

The full offering and timing of approval and production readiness for the new compressors are contained in the latest Emerson marketing bulletin.

These new high efficiency compressors will supersede the third generation compressors designate by model number A*E_C3E.

Further details on the compressors and application guidelines are contained in the application engineering bulletin AE-1305.

The entire product performance, electrical, and mechanical information can be accessed online at

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