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Emerson launches refrigeration forum

Emerson-E360USA: Emerson Climate Technologies has launched an initiative to create a forum and resource for customers faced with changing refrigeration issues.

Emerson says its E360 initiative is designed to inform customers on the latest changes in regulatory requirements and environmental standards as well as advances in refrigerant technologies related to refrigeration system design in supermarkets, foodservice outlets and convenience stores.

It is so-named as Emerson maintains it will cover a 360-degree view of commercial refrigeration issues and advancements by addressing energy efficiency, equipment reliability and safety, environmental protection and economic considerations.

“With regulations frequently changing and technologies constantly evolving, the E360 initiative serves as a means of centralising all of this information and providing our customers with the tools to interact with industry experts and ultimately improve their operations,” said Emerson refrigeration president John Rhodes.

The initiative includes E360 Outlook, a quarterly publication and E360 Forums, quarterly live events across the country featuring keynote speakers. The inaugural issue of E360 Outlook will be distributed in October and takes an in-depth look at the current refrigerant landscape. The first E360 Forum will be held in Columbus, Ohio, on November 13.

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