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Emerson marks 200 millionth Copeland compressor

USA: Emerson has announced its 200 millionth Copeland compressor installation worldwide in a year that the brand celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The Copeland brand traces its history to inventor Edmund Copeland, who founded a company in Detroit in 1921. It was acquired by Emerson in 1986.

Emerson made significant investments in the development of a new scroll compressor product Copeland was working on at the time of the acquisition and, in 1987, introduced the first scroll compressor sold under the Copeland brand. 

“Having 200 million Copeland compressors installed worldwide signifies an important achievement for the Copeland brand and reinforces the roles of reliability and efficiency in compressor preference for OEMs, contractors, technicians and end-users as they work to achieve regulatory compliance and sustainability goals,” commented John Schneider, Emerson’s president, HVACR Technologies Americas.

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