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Emerson tackles ice machine efficiency


USA: Emerson has created an ice machine simulation model to support development of more efficient equipment capable of meeting new US energy targets.

The new commercial ice machine computer simulator, tested to be within 5% accuracy of actual machines, is the result of collaboration with the University of Dayton and work and testing completed at Emerson’s Design Services Network and The Helix Innovation Centre on the university’s campus.

Emerson’s work on ice machine efficiency is aimed at helping the industry address the US Department of Energy’s target of reducing energy usage in ice machines that produce 50-4,000 pounds per day by 10-15% by 2018.


The model is said to simulates the alternating operation of ice machines and calculates time-varying changes in the system properties and aggregates performance results as a function of machine capacity and environmental conditions.

Simulation results from the model were compared with the experimental data of a fully instrumented, standard 500-pound capacity ice machine, operating under various ambient air and water inlet temperatures. For these measures, the model’s accuracy is within 5% for a variety of operating conditions.

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