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Engie extends test bed capacity to 6MW

GERMANY: Chiller manufacturer Engie Refrigeration has increased its test bed capacity to 6MW, making it one of the largest such facilities in Europe.

The four test beds installed at its headquarters in Lindau on Lake Constance provide real-time visualisation of all performance, temperatures, pressures and flow rates data for internal development processes and customer approvals. 

Innovative automation and control technology is said to guarantee a temperature-stable control of the operating points. The test bed is also said to be highly automated, reducing the necessary set-up and test times to a minimum.

“With this new test bed, Engie Refrigeration is perfectly set up to examine all chillers from our product portfolio for performance and efficiency in a variety of scenarios,” commented Jochen Hornung, managing director at Engie Refrigeration. “We will focus on particularly powerful chillers and refrigeration systems, as demand for such machines is growing steadily on the international market.”

The facility includes two test beds for water-cooled chillers with a refrigeration capacity of up to 1.5MW. These can be equipped with an additional testing facility for glycol chillers with an outlet temperature of up to -20ºC and a refrigeration capacity of up to 180kW. There is also a test bed for air-cooled chillers with a refrigeration capacity of up to 1.5MW, and the new test bed for water-cooled chillers with a refrigeration capacity of up to 6MW.

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