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EPA SNAP-lists lower GWP refrigerant R515B

USA: The US EPA’s SNAP list of acceptable substances is to be updated to include the lower GWP refrigerant R515B, while extending the acceptable applications for the HCFO R1233zd(E).

Marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N15, and promoted as an alternative to R134a, R515B has been approved by the US EPA for use in centrifugal and positive displacement chillers and industrial process air conditioning (new equipment). 

R515B is a non-flammable A1 alternative with a GWP of 293. A blend of R1234ze (91.1%) and R227ea (8.9%), it is said to have zero glide and low discharge temperatures with an efficiency to match R134a.

Already listed for use in air conditioning chillers, the acceptable applications for the low GWP refrigerant R1233zd(E) have been extended to include industrial process refrigeration (new and retrofit equipment). 

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