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EPEE to host Euro conference

Eureka-2016BELGIUM: EPEE and the European ventilation body EVIA are to hold a joint conference on the the heating, cooling and ventilation industry’s impact on the EU’s energy goals.

EUREKA 2016 is expected to provide a forum for representatives from industry, users, and the academic community, including students, to discuss with European policymakers the challenges and opportunities our industry faces in this rapidly changing global context.

It is expected to demonstrate the potential, attractiveness and innovative nature of our industry, and provide an excellent platform for networking.

The event in the Hague on December 13 is expected to include a keynote speech by a distinguished guest, a plenary session and four break-out panel sessions on the topics of:
The role of refrigeration in reducing food waste
Increasing political awareness on indoor air quality and thermal comfort
The impact of the new F-gas rules in Europe and beyond
Driving energy efficiency in buildings

Further information here.

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