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Friedrich latest to offer R32 in US

Friedrich-chill-lineUSA: Friedrich has become the latest manufacturer to announce the adoption of R32 refrigerant in a range of air conditioning units launched in the US. 

The new lower GWP refrigerant is being applied in six window room air conditioner models in Friedrich’s Chill series and five through-the-wall air conditioner models in its Uni-Fit line. The new units are available now and are said to meet the most recent Energy Star standards.

Friedrich says it has conducted rigorous tests with the “mildly flammable” A2L refrigerant over the last few years and is confident that the US market is ready for R32.

“This is a major advancement when it comes to offering a more energy-efficient, environmentally responsible air conditioning choice,” said TJ Wheeler, VP marketing and product management for Friedrich. “We are excited to be able to give customers a great option that also delivers exceptional performance.”

Last year, Daikin announced that it was to start manufacturing a range of Amana-branded R32 units at it Goodmans facility in Fayetteville, Tennessee. This week the Cooling Post revealed that LG is also now offering window units using the new refrigerant.

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