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Friga Bohn coolers on R452A

FRANCE: Lennox has announced that its Friga Bohn range of commercial unit coolers are fully compatible with R452A.  

Faced with rapidly increasing R404A prices, the French manufacturer says it needed to find an alternative for its customers.

The move follows extensive performances and compatibility checks for new equipment and as a drop-in replacement. These tests are said to have shown that the use of R452A increases efficiency by 8%-30%.

Converting existing equipment leads to an increase in capacity but will require adjustments to, or a change of, the TRV.

Seen as a mid-term alternative, R452A is a blend formed from R32, R125 and R1234yf. Non-flammable, it is being sold by Chemours as XP44. It has a GWP of 2140 – a little over half that of R404A.

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