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Frigel eyes new business for adiabatic cooler

ITALY: Frigel, a market leader in intelligent process cooling in the plastic industries, has formed a Heat Rejection Systems Division (HRS) to expand its business into new sectors. 

The main driver for the new business will be a new, larger and enhanced version of the company’s Ecodry adiabatic cooler range to be launched in the coming months.

“Our objective is to launch the larger version of the Ecodry adiabatic cooler by Q1 2021, in order to address the ever-increasing demand for larger scale cooling capacity across industries,” said Gyula Szekeres, board member, responsible for business development of the Florence-based company.

“The demand for adiabatic cooling solution is expected to be fuelled not only by the business targets of our potential customers, but the increasing awareness of environmental and health challenges we face,” he added.

The Ecodry is a centralised closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system designed to replace existing cooling tower technology. It is said to combine the performance of an evaporative system with the advantages of a dry cooler system. 

The system is said to drastically reduce water usage – by up to 95% compared to an open cooling tower and up to 60% of a closed cooling tower.

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