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A-Gas updates Gas-Trak app

UK: A-Gas has updated its Gas‑Trak Online (GTO) cylinder management and F‑gas reporting app.

First launched in 2015, Gas‑Trak Online is described as an indispensable tool designed to make the onerous task of reporting refrigerant usage simple. 

The latest release includes a number of changes and enhancements, many of them based on customer feedback.

For A‑Gas cylinders the new release is linked with the A-Gas CylTrak system, which will auto-populate the app’s cylinder data fields.

If a cylinder is known to the system (within the engineer’s stock listing), the cylinder code will now be highlighted by the app for improved accuracy. The refrigerant that this cylinder contains is directly linked and auto-populated for this item. The cylinder is cross-referenced against the refrigerant the equipment contains and a match is highlighted, offering automatic, visual acknowledgment that the correct product is being used to charge the system.

For recovery and receiver/pump down cylinders, a match will occur to confirm the cylinder is in the users stock records for effective data validation.

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