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Group offers advice on low GWP solutions

USA: A new organisation has been created with the aim of offering information and resources on next-generation, low- and reduced-GWP refrigeration solutions.

The Global Forum for Advanced Climate Technologies (GlobalFact) is backed by a number of major refrigerant producers (Arkema, Chemours, Daikin, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Honeywell and Mexichem) but insists it will not be promoting specific technologies. 

“Our goal is to provide information on low and reduced GWP solutions that help meet regulatory requirements, specifically to bridge a gap by making more information available on advanced climate technologies,” said GlobalFact executive director, Jordan Smith.

The group says it aims to be a resource for information on advanced climate technologies and the role these technologies play in helping achieve lower GWP while offering energy efficiency, cost and safety benefits for the HVACR industry and end users.

“Globally, the HVACR industry, product manufacturers, OEMs, and end users are in a period of transition as they work toward phase down requirements,” said Jordan Smith. “Advanced climate technologies can, and should, be part of the conversation on choices that help protect the environment while meeting the demand for safe alternatives. GlobalFact is a resource to highlight the choices that are available, and to provide credible information moving forward,” he added.

Karim Amrane, industry expert and president of KA Consulting Services noted, “Transitions are happening around the world, and there is a significant need for readily accessible information on advanced climate technologies. globalFACT will help fill that need by bringing together research, news, and practical information to help people understand all options and make informed choices based on facts.”

White paper

The organisation unveiled its first white paper at last week’s FMI: Energy & Store Development Conference in Atlanta. The paper, Selecting the Right Refrigerant for Commercial Refrigeration: Achieving High Performance While Reducing Environmental Impact, is seen as an aid in the decision-making process when choosing alternative refrigerants in commercial refrigeration equipment. The group also rolled out a cost calculator that calculates the electricity costs and total emissions based on characteristics of a commercial refrigeration system.

Both the white paper and the cost calculator can be found on the group’s website. The website also features a resource centre of articles, case studies, white papers, and other information on advanced climate technologies.

“Purchasers are evaluating all solutions that help their companies meet environmental requirements and the business imperatives of reducing costs, increasing energy efficiency, and maintaining high safety standards. They need better access to comprehensive information on alternatives as they do that. That’s what GlobalFact will provide,” added Smith.

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