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Guide to low-charge ammonia refrigeration systems

BELGIUM: “Natural” refrigerants group Shecco has produced a three-part guide to low-charge ammonia systems – one of the key trends in industrial refrigeration.

With this report Shecco says it aims to identify the underlying trends for low-charge ammonia technology in different parts of the world.

The first part of the free-to-download World Guide to Low-Charge Ammonia highlights some key characteristics of ammonia as a refrigerant and outlinines a brief history of its use. The second and third parts will be published shortly.

The second part of the guide will focus on the variety of applications where low-charge ammonia technology has been used with concrete examples from around the world. It will also outline standards and legislation that are key drivers for the reduction of ammonia charge in systems.

The third and final part will zoom in on the key trends for low-charge ammonia technology, its advantages, drivers and major challenges in today’s market. It will compare developments in different world regions, with focus on North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, and outline the future opportunities and perspectives for low-charge ammonia systems.

The first part of the guide can be downloaded here.

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