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Halton to open marine R&D facility

FINLAND: Indoor air company Halton is to open its 10th product development centre in the grounds of its Lahti plant in Finland.

The Halton Innovation Hub will focus on the target environments of the company’s marine business: galleys and cabins, as well as energy production and industrial environments. 

In addition to physical demo facilities, the centre will use VR technology to model solutions. The implementation project for the product development centre is divided into three phases. The first section of the premises, with a focus on galleys, was completed earlier this year. There, the company will present and test its patented galley hoods; its adaptive, energy-saving ventilation solutions; and its integrated, adjustable lighting designed for kitchen environments.

Towards the end of the year, a demonstration space specialising in ship cabins and air-conditioning beams, cabin ventilation, replacement air solutions and user-friendly air conditioning control systems will be introduced, where VR technology will be used to model solutions. 

In the third phase, in the first half of 2021, a facility will be completed specialising in fire dampers for air conditioning ducts in industrial and marine environments. In addition to product development and demonstrations, the facility will enable the testing of shutoff dampers and fire dampers, including combustion tests, and the functional testing of conformity with CE standards. 

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