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Hitachi’s air conditioner that sees all

Hitachi-Makoun-XJAPAN: Hitachi is to introduce an air conditioner that can detect a room’s occupants, room size and layout to provide perfect comfort conditions.

Announced for release in Japan at the end of October, the Makoun X series is equipped with cameras to capture the room in three dimensions. It is said to be able to detect a room’s occupants, their positions and indoor floor plans, and the position and shape of furniture. It also operates as a thermal camera to detect temperature Hitachi-Makoun-X-flapsaround the occupants and can even identify the material of the floor, it is said.

This information, in combination with a three-division front grille, is designed to provide the perfect airflow pattern.

The series will consist of ten units in cooling capacities from 2.2kW to 9kW.

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