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Honeywell and Chemours’ views differ on F-gas decision

USA: Two of the major HFC and HFO refrigerant producers, Chemours and Honeywell, have provided very different reactions to yesterday’s F-gas revision agreement.

Chemours expressed deep concern about the broad consequences of the decision claiming that a ban on F-gases in critical applications would clash with the EU’s Green Deal and REPowerEU ambitions and undermine long term innovation.

Commenting on the decision, which will place far stricter controls on the usage of HFCs and HFOs, a Chemours spokesperson said: “While the provisional agreement does include exemptions where viable alternatives do not exist, it fails to consider current manufacturing capacity and the refrigerant transition impact on energy efficiency, affordability and availability of products, or application safety.”

The company insisted that F-gas refrigerants remain energy efficient and safe for intended use throughout their lifecycle. 

“We are actively engaging with policymakers and member states, side-by-side with industry associations and value chain partners, to evaluate our next steps and ensure policymakers understand the unintended consequences of such a regulation,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Honeywell was more positive, emphasising its continued belief in HFO technology. A spokesperson said that the EU’s decision would allow European consumers and businesses to continue to choose the right refrigerant or foam blowing agent to suit their needs.  

“We welcome their announcement of a 2030 review of proposed F-gas regulations, which acknowledges the importance of ensuring energy efficient, cost effective, safe and reliable technologies like HFOs continue to be available to support the EU’s sustainability and decarbonization goals,” the spokesperson stated.

The statement claimed that HFO solutions were specifically designed to be “a safe, transformative, and indispensable technology” in the challenges to tackle the EU’s biggest climate, energy and economic issues. 

“We look forward to working with all EU stakeholders to demonstrate the continued positive role and impact of ultra-low GWP refrigerants like HFOs on delivering superior sustainability outcomes for the EU,” it said.

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