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Honeywell launches lower GWP refrigerants

USA: Honeywell has today officially launched four new lower GWP refrigerants for applications ranging from supermarket refrigeration to industrial cooling.

The new additions to Honeywell’s Solstice brand of HFO refrigerants are Solstice zd (R1233zd), Solstice ze (R1234ze), Solstice N13 (R450A) and Solstice N40 (R448A).

Solstice zd is a non-flammable HFO refrigerant with a GWP of 1. As a replacement for R123, it has already been earmarked by Trane for use in its new Series E CenTraVac large capacity centrifugal chillers.

Solstice ze is an HFO refrigerant with a GWP of less than 1 that can be used in equipment that traditionally uses R134a, like chillers and refrigeration equipment. It has already been adopted by a number of chiller manufacturers including Klima Therm and Star Refrigeration.

Solstice N13 is an HFO blend for chillers, as well as medium-temperature applications such as supermarket display cases and self-contained refrigeration units that require a non-flammable refrigerant solution.   

Solstice N40 is another HFO blend, this time as a replacement R22 and R404A in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration equipment such as supermarket freezer cases. In supermarket trials conducted in the US and  Europe, Solstice N40 demonstrated 3% lower energy consumption in low-temperature applications and 5-16% lower energy consumption in medium-temperature applications as compared to R404A.

“Each year, the world uses more than 200 million pounds of refrigerant, enough to keep food fresh in 240,000 supermarkets and to cool more than 300,000 commercial buildings,” said George Koutsaftes, global business director for Honeywell’s Fluorine Products business. “Honeywell is committed to continuing to invest in the development and introduction of new offerings, to make it easier for industry to adopt and use alternatives to higher global warming potential refrigerants.”


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