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Integral switch could save stores €50k

GERMANY: A switch to integral display cases could save store operators over €50,000 per system, according to a new report.

Emerson worked with the independent institute of air handling and refrigeration ILK Dresden to analyse the long-term cost implications of different refrigeration systems using low GWP refrigerants. 

The study was conducted as European F-gas regulation and the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol are forcing retailers to re-evaluate their refrigeration systems and transition to more environmentally sustainable technologies.

The analysis compared the two leading low GWP refrigeration technologies: remote rack CO2 systems and integral display cases, which utilise R290, propane. It concluded that, due to the simplicity of integral display cases, compared to larger and more complex remote rack systems, store operators could achieve significant savings of over €50,000 per system. 

The study focused on a typical European discounter store with 10 display cases per store and approximately 1,000m² vending area. 

The study found that retailers could make a number of savings in each of their stores. *ILK Dresden study results

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions’ director of integrated solutions, Eric Winandy, said: “The environmental impact of refrigeration is significant, and recent international agreements are forcing operators to rethink the systems they use. As the retail sector makes this once in a generation transition, it’s presented with a major challenge but also an opportunity to select the right technologies which can maximise long term environmental, operational and cost benefits.

“Our analysis shows that the choice of a refrigeration system entails far more than just a need to move to a low GWP refrigerant. It has major implications for the operations of stores, for maintenance and upkeep and for the overall running costs of facilities.  Integral display cases won’t be appropriate for every store, but the significant cost benefits they can deliver highlight the fact that retailers should consider every option and all of the implications of the choices.”

While most supermarkets have chosen CO2 systems, Emerson argues that water cooled integral systems can also be used to provide refrigeration for entire stores by removing the heat generated to an external chiller or heat exchanger.

Additional information about the comparative lifecycle analysis can be found in a fact sheet.

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