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Inverter allows fridge to run from battery

CyboEnergy CyboInverter TwinUSA: CyboEnergy has introduced an inverter capable of running heavy ac loads including refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Produced by California-based company CyboEnergy, the off-grid CyboInverters could be used to run refrigerators to store vaccines for clinics in rural areas that have no electricity.

The CyboInverter has four input channels, where channel 1 and 2 can connect to two solar panels and channel 3 and 4 can connect to a 36V battery set. Its AC output is said to be able to power lights, fans, TV, PC, battery chargers, and refrigerators. A CyboCharger takes power from the same off-grid AC circuit as a load and charges the 36V battery during the day.

The CyboInverter is said to be able take extra DC power from the battery and produce up to 1500W AC surge power to start the refrigeration compressor. After that, the CyboInverter can keep the refrigerator running with the DC power supplied by the two solar panels without drawing power from the battery.

CyboEnergy’s latest release also includes the Off-Grid CyboInverter Twin Pack allowing a Master Unit and Slave Unit to daisy-chain producing twice as much AC power to run heavy loads.

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