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IRI organises workshop on hydrocarbon refrigerants

IRELAND: The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland (IRI) is presenting a one-day workshop on hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants can offer an efficient and low GWP alternative to HFCs in retail, commercial and industrial refrigeration, and are already in widespread use in Ireland. With the recent increase in allowable charge from 150g to 500g in commercial cabinets, the scope has expanded for even wider use.

In order to encourage and develop the safe use of hydrocarbon refrigerants, the IRI is presenting a one-day workshop for those involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

The workshop will cover the advantages of hydrocarbons, standards and maximum charge, possible future standards, developing risk assessments and dealing with the hazards of refrigerants.

The seminar will take place on November 19 from 09.30 to 16.30 at the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin.

The workshop costs €50 for members and €95 for non members. Booking must be made in advance by emailing the IRI here.

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