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Largest US domestic geothermal development

31822731_sUSA: Norton Commons, a Louisville-based developer, is to build what it claims will be the largest 100% geothermal residential community in the United States.

US manufacturer ClimateMaster Inc will provide geothermal and water-source heat pumps to Norton Commons new 1,800-lot North Village development.

“Introducing geothermal heating and cooling to our North Village development will allow our homeowners to improve the indoor and outdoor comfort of their homes at significant energy savings,” said Norton Commons managing director, Charles A Osborn III. 

Drilling for the underground geothermal fields begins this week on the first 50 lots. Drilling at another 75 lots will follow later this spring.

“The Norton Commons project marks an evolutionary shift in the geothermal heat pump and single-family residential housing industry,” said ClimateMaster market development manager Titian Burris.  “Never before has there been a project as unique as this one. This shift is exposing the change in attitudes among builders and developers as, in the past, new custom homes were the primary target for geothermal heat pump systems.”

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