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LG adds “deep learning technology”


SOUTH KOREA: Air conditioning capable of analysing and reacting to the behaviour of occupants is to be featured by LG at CES, the US consumer technology show, in January.

The Korean manufacturer says it is bringing “deep learning technology” to a wide range of its home appliances. The technology is designed to allow home appliances to better understand their users by gathering and studying customers’ lifestyle patterns over time. This process never ends and improves over time to provide customers with new solutions to everyday problems.

LG’s smart air conditioner equipped with deep learning technology will analyse the daily behaviour patterns of its homeowners, including the parts of the home most occupied at certain times throughout the day. With this information, LG says its deep learning enabled air conditioner will be able to assess how to provide the most comfortable temperatures quickly and efficiently. This might include providing fast cooling to specific areas of the home, such as the living room or kitchen, at a greater frequency and for longer periods of time.

The company is also looking to introduce the technology in its domestic refrigerators to perform a variety of tasks by “predicting” the family’s activities based on their past behaviour. This might include automatically filling the ice tray at the time of the day when cold drinks are most in demand. In the summer, LG’s smart refrigerator can initiate the 4-stage sterilisation system on its own to extend food life when it senses temperature and humidity conditions that may contribute to food spoilage.

“Deep learning technology is the next phase in the evolution of smart appliances, and as an industry leader, we have the responsibility of being an early mover,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “But even more important than what appliances are capable of will be how companies behave when entrusted with data. At LG, we believe performance and convenience do not mean having to sacrifice security and privacy. They can and should exist simultaneously.”

LG’s advanced deep learning appliances will be on display at CES 2017 from January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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