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Lu-Ve presses ahead with “green” investments

ITALY: Heat exchanger product manufacturer Lu-Ve has installed a new production line in its plant in Limana, Italy, specifically for products designed for CO2 and propane. 

Faced with growing demand, the company plans to install a further line dedicated to the production of units for “natural” refrigerants.

These products, mainly intended for the world of commercial refrigeration and developed through co-design activities with the Group’s major partners, are aimed at replacing traditional heat exchangers that use HFCs.

The use of a 3/8in diameter tube instead of the traditional 16mm or 12mm size makes these exchangers suitable both for use with refrigerants that operate at high operating pressures, like CO2, and with flammable refrigerants, where regulations limit the refrigerant charge.

Photovoltaic system

In further investments, Lu-Ve’s Indian subsidiary, Spirotech, has recently completed the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of its heat exchanger coil factory in Rajastan. 

The solar panels occupy an area of 10,000m2 and are capable of generating up to 1MW/day, covering the needs of the existing production lines. There is the potential for this to be increased to 1.5MW.

Lu-Ve Group’s Limana plant (Belluno) plant, along with its Italian headquarters in Uboldo, Varese, and the Vantaa plant in Finland have been using photovoltaic systems for several years.  

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