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Lu-Ve secures further €40m investment

ITALY: Heat exchanger equipment manufacturer Lu-Ve has negotiated a €40m loan from the Italian investment bank Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP).

The new loan comes on top of the €40m loan from Banco BPM in February and will be used to support investment in new cutting-edge technologies to reduce the impact on the environment and increase employment levels in Italy. In fact, CDP will reduce the rate applied to the loan if the objectives in terms of employment growth are achieved. 

With the resources made available by CDP, Lu-Ve will continue to activate significant investments in sustainable growth in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, Lu-Ve will seek to further cutting-edge technological solutions, such as the progressive use of natural refrigerant fluids instead of HFCs.

CDP deputy general manager and business director Massimo Di Carlo described the deal as an “iconic operation” for his company: “Because on the one hand we confirm our commitment to Italian companies in their path of national growth and projection on foreign markets. On the other hand, and for the first time, the final rate of the loan is linked to the achievement of a job creation goal.”

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