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Merger creates strong seafood group

During the acquisition press conference (l to r): Anders Høifødt, Martin Schjølberg (Kuldeteknisk), Ketil Røberg (FrioNordica), Per R Samuelsen and Per Johansen in FrioNordica, and Frode Berg (Kuldeteknisk)

NORWAY: The Perfect Temperature Group (PTG) is to acquire Norwegian refrigeration systems firm FrioNordica and merge it with its contracting business Kuldeteknisk.

FrioNordica AS specialises in developing cost effective cooling solutions for the fishing, fish processing and aquaculture industry. Its products include Aquaterm cooling and heating systems for fishing vessels as well as heat pumps for fish farming, and Finsam ice machines, ice plants and ice slurry systems.

The company’s head office and production is located in the Malmefjord north of Molde, with a branch in Grimstad and a subsidiary in Chile.

PTG’s Tromsø-based subsidiary Kuldeteknisk, one of the country’s largest refrigeration contractors and a significant supplier of refrigeration and freezing solutions for industry and marine operations. Earlier this year, PTG became a co-owner of Kjøleservice Helgeland AS and established Kuldeteknisk Vest AS in Bergen.

“Together FrioNordica and Kuldeteknisk have a complete product portfolio adapted to an ever-expanding international seafood market. With FrioNordica, we want a clearer presence in northwest Norway, and we will strengthen our position internationally,” explained Anders Høifødt of Nord Kapitalforvaltning, the main shareholder in PTG.

“FrioNordica has a strong position in the seafood sector in Norway, South America and Europe, and thereby contributes to strengthening the internationalisation of PTG. We want solutions for both small and large facilities in these markets, as well as a large service network in Norway and abroad,” he said.

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