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Mexichem urges EU governments to stop illegal HFCs

UK: Leading refrigerant manufacturer and supplier, Mexichem is urging governments across the EU to take action against the illegal refrigerant trade.

Speaking on the eve of the first annual World Refrigeration Day, Sarah Hughes, Mexichem’s EMEA and India commercial director for its fluorochemicals business, said: “There has been ongoing reports that show the importation of illegal refrigerants is still rife across Europe, with many governments and official bodies turning a blind eye, rather than working together to stop this extremely damaging trade. 

“We are urging all customs officials and governing bodies to take action against the illegal importation of refrigerants and prevent inevitable environmental and safety issues.” 

Mexichem maintains that there has been a rise in the unlawful imports of refrigerants over the last year, with restrictions being bypassed by criminals. The refrigerant manufacturers claim that their own research has found that illegal gases are now making up more than 20% of the quota and exceeding the EU’s HFC cap.  

The Runcorn-based refrigerant manufacturer has joined industry’s efforts in seeking to combat this trade, launching its own campaign to warn the industry of the consequences of using or selling illegal refrigerants.

It backs the EFCTC’s recently established action line, which allows individuals to report alleged suspect HFC offerings confidentially to a trusted and independent contractor.

Telltale signs that an HFC product could be illegal include an unknown brand name, no quality certificate or safety data sheet and no cylinder return process.

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