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Mitsubishi to launch R32 heat pump chiller in Japan

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric says it will launch an air-cooled heat pump chiller, running on lower GWP refrigerant R32, in Japan early next year.

The DT-RIII adopts the efficient aluminium flat tube heat exchanger technology used in its VRF products, which Mitsubishi says enables the new chiller to achieve cooling at outside temperatures up to 52°C.

The reduced charge design of the new heat exchanger, combined with the adoption of R32, reduces the chiller’s refrigerant charge requirement by about 33% compared to Mitsubishi’s current DT-RII R410A version.

The new DT-Rlll is said to achieve a cooling COP of 3.28 when the rated cooling capacity is 180kW, the outside air is 35℃, the cold water inlet is 14℃, and the cold water outlet is 7℃.

Four models will be offered from 40hp to 70hp, with heating and cooling capacities from 118kW to 200kW.

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