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Nidec gears up for expansion

USA: Nidec has added its Embraco brand commercial refrigeration compressors and condensing units to its HVACR aftermarket sales line-up.

The move is part of what Nidec describes as its largest-ever expansion in the HVACR industry. In addition to the Embraco move, Nidec is increasing annual production of its US Motors and Rescue brand high-efficiency variable speed motors. 

Nidec’s acquisition of Embraco from Whirlpool in 2019 expanded the company’s presence in compressors and condensing units for light commercial refrigeration. In 2021 the line was folded into the HVACR Aftermarket US Motors division, making it easier for distributors to offer a broad portfolio of products.

“With this reorganisation, we’re now able to offer one-stop shopping for distributors in the HVACR industry,” said Ryan Wade, Nidec HVACR Motors’ sales and marketing vice president. “Essentially our customers can turn to a single Nidec team made up of customer service, sales and training specialists, who are all on the same page with our aftermarket product solutions.”

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