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Nordic Climate continues Danish growth

Jonas Phillipsen and Nicolaj Ørbæk of Ørbæk Køleteknik

SWEDEN/DENMARK: Nordic Climate Group has increased its position in Denmark with the acquisition of Ørbæk Køleteknik in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. 

This company, the first within the group to be based in Zealand, underlines Nordic Climate Group’s position as Denmark’s largest refrigeration installation company and the leading installer of refrigeration, heating, and energy solutions in the Nordic region. 

Nordic Climate Group was established in 2021 and, following the Ørbæk Køleteknik acquisition, now has an annual turnover of SEK3.5bn and over 1,200 employees across more than 70 local establishments in the Nordics. 

ThIs latest Danish acquisition follows the purchase of Buus Køleteknik, Nordkøl, SA-AL Køleteknik and PVN Køleteknik earlier this year. The Danish operation now has 120 employees and an annual turnover of approximately DKK250m.

Ørbæk Køleteknik offers sales, service, and maintenance of cooling systems for retail, shops and light industry in Copenhagen and Zealand. It has 25 employees.

The company, like others within the group, will continue to operate under its existing name and owners owners.

“The acquisition of Ørbæk Køleteknik complements Nordic Climate Group’s other activities in the grocery retail and light industry sectors very well,” commented Nordic Climate Group CEO Fredrik Gren. “Ørbæk Køleteknik has also built up significant expertise in natural refrigerants, with a particular focus on CO2.”

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