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Offices too hot for Swedish workers

20311907_sSWEDEN: Nearly two-thirds of workers in Sweden find their offices too hot and stuffy during the summer, according to a new survey.

While nearly half of workers would like the opportunity to work outdoors during the summer, a new survey by the Swedish Refrigeration & Heat Pump Association found that only 19% have no problems with the indoor climate in their workplace.

In an independent survey of 1,000 workers, 49% described their office as too hot in the summer and 12% that it was too stuffy. At the other end of the scale, 9% found their workplace too cold.

“Summer heat and stuffy offices in the urban environment is a difficult situation,” commented Per Jonasson, the association’s CEO Per Jonasson. “When the air is bad we can not work equally well. Some workplaces also have operations that produce heat. Then there will be extra sweaty in the summer,” he added.

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