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Panasonic buys Brazilian ac contractor

JAPAN/BRAZIL: On the day that it acquired UK ac distributor AMP, on the other side of the world Panasonic was purchasing Brazilian air conditioning engineering company Union RHAC (UR).

UR is engaged in the engineering, installation and after-sales services for commercial air conditioners, such as absorption chillers for large-scale commercial facilities and factories, and gas-cogeneration systems. A leading engineering firm in Brazil, UR handles over 80% of absorption chillers delivered in that country.

Among Latin American countries, Brazil is seen as having a strong demand for commercial air conditioners and a high potential for business growth. Panasonic’s services knowhow for absorption chillers and gas heat pumps is seen as a perfect blend with UR’s strengths in sales and engineering services. It will allow Panasonic to further strengthen and promote its proposals for energy-saving solutions based on gas energy from GHP for buildings to absorption chillers for large facilities and factories.

Union RHAC was formed in 1992 and has an annual turnover of around €5.9m

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