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Phase-down provides certainty – AIRAH

AIRAH logo orange-greenAUSTRALIA: The Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) has joined in the applause for its government’s HFC phase-down announcement.

On Monday, the Australian government announced a statutory phase-down of HFC imports, leading to an 85% reduction of HFC emissions by 2036.

Welcoming the announcement, AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson said: “Not only is such a measure pivotal to national and international efforts to reduce CO2-equivalent emissions in the face of climate change, it provides some certainty to those in the HVAC&R industry, who can now plan for and invest in new technology that will be required.

AIRAH has been a key part of this process. Indeed, we have been a major supporter of the phase-down and its environmental benefits,” he added.

Enabling provisions for future bans on the import of new equipment containing high-GWP HFCs will be included as part of new legislation. Equipment such as domestic and automotive air conditioners containing high-GWP refrigerants will be considered in the future. The government says this decision will be based on an assessment of the Australian market, and particularly on the availability of alternative equipment.

The AIRAH stresses that the government will introduce legislative amendments to implement new measures as soon as possible, with all initiatives to begin by January 2018. Some measures, it says, can be implemented more quickly through regulation amendments, such as changes to the low-volume import exemptions, and business and technician licences.

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