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Pure Mist effective against coronavirus

Applying a high voltage to the moisture in the air produces microscopic water particles

JAPAN: Pure Mist, the electrostatic air treatment technology used in Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners, has been shown to reduce the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) to 99% within three hours.

The Pure Mist device was developed in 2010 for the purpose of reducing indoor viruses and bacteria. It collects moisture in the air and applies a high voltage to the collected moisture to generate electrically charged nano-level water particles “Pure Mist” that float in space and suppress the activity of bacteria. In addition, the nano-level mist is also said to have the effect of moisturising the skin and hair.

The latest tests carried out jointly with the Kobe Testing Center of the Japan Textile Quality and Technology Center are the latest that Mitsubishi has carried out in collaboration with universities and public research institutes on Pure Mist’s effects on a range of influenza viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens.

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