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RDM to benefit from Microsoft deal

UK: Glasgow-based controls manufacturer RDM is looking to reap the benefits of this week’s  announcement of a partnership between Malaysia’s UEM Group and Microsoft.

UEM Group, Malaysia’s leading engineering-based infrastructure and services conglomerate, announced a partnership with Microsoft Malaysia to drive cloud-based digital initiatives. Under the three-year deal, Microsoft will provide digital advisors to support UEM Group and its subsidiaries to drive digital initiatives based on technologies such as IoT, predictive data analytics, machine learning and augmented reality.

The main beneficiary is UEM Group subsidiary and total asset solutions entity UEM Edgenta. It has developed a smart facilities management solution based on Microsoft’s advanced tools of Azure IoT hub and machine learning.

Since 2015, UEM Edgenta has been operating a joint venture with RDM Asia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK manufacturer Resource Data Management (RDM). UEM Edgenta saw the deal as a means to scale up its energy management business and benefit from RDM’s technical expertise and experience in energy management services, remote monitoring and control solutions.

Delighted at the deal, RDM managing director Andrew Chandler explained that under its joint venture UEM Edgenta offers building FM services and refits in building automation control and energy saving plus predictive maintenance through UEM’s central intelligent monitoring bureau.

“By using RDM IoT hardware and embedded software the data is normalised and fed into the Microsoft cloud for analytics and used by the UEM Edgenta bureau to manage client assets,” he said, adding “This is just the start of a fantastic opportunity to help buildings think, self diagnose and improve efficiencies for maintainers.”

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