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REHVA updates Covid-19 ventilation guide

BELGIUM: The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA) has published a further Covid-19 guidance with the re-opening of buildings after lockdown.

This third version of REHVA guidance, based on WHO guidance, provides advice on specific components, buildings/space types, and suggests mitigation measures to safely re-open buildings. 

The advice is said to be intended primarily for HVAC professionals and facility managers, but may also be useful for occupational and public health specialists and others involved in decisions on how to use buildings.

This document focuses on building services related precautions in commercial and public buildings where only occasional occupancy of infected persons is expected. Precautions for residential buildings are not covered.

The guidance is focused on temporary, easy-to-organise measures that can be implemented in existing buildings that are in use during or after epidemic with normal or reduced occupancy rates. Recognising that ventilation is key to infection control, REHVA makes 15 recommendations that can be applied in existing buildings at a relatively low cost to reduce the number of cross-infections indoors.

Further information here.

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