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Romanian customs seize 95 refrigerant cylinders

ROMANIA: Border police in Romania made a further seizure of refrigerant yesterday (Sunday) at the Petea border crossing point with Hungary.

According to the authorities, border police seized 95 cylinders of refrigerant being carried by a Ukrainian in a vehicle registered in Portugal.

The shipment was valued at around €22,000, but no indication is given of the refrigerant involved or whether or not they were in illegal disposable cylinders. According to the police, the shipment was stopped because the driver presented a “false invoice”.

The driver was fined RON1,500, or around €320, for the offence of “forgery”.

Last week a shipment of refrigerant was stopped at the Romanian border crossing point with Bulgaria at Calafat. On that occasion, despite clearly being in illegal disposable cylinders, the consignment was stopped because the driver had no documentation. 

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