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Sales and profits up at Chemours

USA: Chemours’ fluorproducts business, which includes refrigerants, saw sales rise by 13% to $801m in the second quarter of this year, compared to 2017.

Increased sales of its new lower GWP Opteon refrigerants is said to be a major factor behind the improved performance and contributed to the company’s total sales increase of 14% to $1.8bn. Increased Opteon sales and higher prices also contributed to pre-tax profits of $230m, up 17% on the previous year’s quarter.

Chemours fluroproducts business also includes fire suppressants, propellants and blowing agents, as well as its Teflon business.

“Our performance this quarter was truly a team effort, resulting in broad-based growth across our segments,” said president and CEO Mark Vergnano. “Continued momentum in Opteon refrigerants adoption, increased price and sustained demand for our fluoropolymers products, higher average global prices for Ti-Pure pigment, and demand for our mining solutions products led to double-digit growth across our key financial metrics.”

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