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Second Indian firm to pilot R1234yf


INDIA: Another company in India has announced its intention to set up an R1234yf production plant.

Indigenous manufacturer SRF says it is to set up a pilot plant for the new low GWP HFO refrigerant which is the only current option to replace R134a in car air conditioning systems. The initiative will make SRF the first technology developer outside US and Europe for the manufacture of R1234yf.

SRF started producing fluorochemicals in 1989 by manufacturing refrigerants from its plant at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, India. In the mid 90s it became the first company in India to have indigenously-developed the technology to manufacture R134a and R32. SRF remains the only producer of HFC 134a in India and has recently commissioned its HFC 32 plant, again with its own technology.

Last month, Honeywell announced it had entered into a supply and technology license agreement with fellow Indian manufacturer Navin Fluorine International (NFIL) to produce R1234yf in India.

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