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Smartcool funds first UK installation

CANADA/UK: Smartcool Systems has made its first sale under its recently announced funding offer to a food processor in Derbyshire, UK.

The sale to Loscoe Chilled Foods Ltd of Heanor is expected to be installed over the next few weeks. Loscoe is in the food processing and distribution business in Derbyshire England.

Smartcool will be installing its proprietary devices on 34 refrigeration units at Loscoe.

The funded solutions offered by Smartcool will enable Loscoe to cover the $100,000 cost of installation over three years with energy savings covering all the costs. After three years, all the savings are for the benefit of Loscoe.

The Utility Team, the Coventry-based utilities and energy consultants, was instrumental in the sale.

“Smartcool’s technology has proven efficiency at a number of our client’s sites and provides The Utility Team with an opportunity to bring this energy efficiency opportunity to our clients without any major up front capital expenditure,” explained The Utility Team CEO Matt Jakeman. “All of our clients are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and being able to offer Smartcool for this purpose without a major expenditure is going to help us grow our business.”

Vancouver-based Smartcool Systems’ ECO3 and ESM retrofit technologies are said to reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by 15% to 20%. The units actively monitor and analyse the conditions of a system and dynamically adjust the length of each cooling cycle to ensure the compressor operates more often under its most energy efficient conditions.

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