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TEGA acquires Linde’s Austrian refrigerants business

AUSTRIA/GERMANY: Refrigerant supplier TEGA GmbH has acquired Linde’s Austrian refrigerants business.

Headquartered in Würzburg, TEGA (Technische Gase und Gasetechnik) GmbH employs approximately 100 people across five operating sites, largely in southern Germany. It boasts an annual turnover of around €75m evenly split between LPG and refrigerants.

It supplies a full range of HFCs and HFO gases and blends, as well as “natural” refrigerants and speciality gases, to wholesalers and end-users for use in air conditioning, commercial cooling systems and refrigerators.

TEGA is a former subsidiary of Linde and its partner in Austria since its acquisition by Dublin-based international supplier of LPG and fuels, DCC, in 2018. This means TEGA already has the storage and delivery capacities in place for the transition to its own direct supply to Austrian customers. To support this, TEGA Austria GmbH has been established with its own sales office and warehouse in Enns (near Linz).

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