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Trane expands VRF training in Brazil

BRAZIL: Trane has opened a second training centre for its TVR VRF air conditioning systems in Curitiba.

The new 100m² facility complements the existing facility in São Paulo and includes both theory and practical areas. In addition, it also incorporates a showroom of the entire TVR Trane line (TVR LX system, Mini TVR and TVR Water) and attendant controllers.

Luiz Moura, Trane’s general manager in Brazil, insists that the growing demand for Trane products in the Brazilian market makes it necessary to constantly update training of professionals in the industry.

“In 2016, more than 100 installers were trained through the São Paulo Training Center,” he said. “Our expectation is that, with the inauguration in Curitiba, this number will be doubled in 2017.

“The installers who will be trained here will be able to experience simulations on the real conditions of environments and products. There are many professionals who do not have a closer contact with the manufacturer, so Trane invests to ensure that they follow the new technologies applied to the products and stay tuned for the development of the market,” said Villarrubia.

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